DIY or Homebrewing is not just an exercise in saving money, in fact often it costs more in the end, it is an opportunity to learn and expand our knowledge of an area we are interested in.

Below you will find articles and posts containing material on specific DIY or Homebrew projects.

The Tower … or … Where to put my antenna

So it started out simple enough… Bought a ham radio and needed a place to put an antenna.  Should be a fairly simple day on the roof right? WRONG! *** A note before starting: This is a long read *** So let’s back up a month or so… I bought a radio (two actually) on… Read More »

Homebrew USB to 6 Pin Din Cable

I’m a “tech” guy and one of the fears I had about buying a radio from the late 80’s to early 90’s was that I would not be able to connect it to the computer.  Before buying my Kenwood TS-440SAT I did some research and found out that by installing an IC-10 Kit, which consists of… Read More »